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Questwood Studio is pleased to announce the long awaited sequel to the 2003 AAAA Mega-Hit Quest for the Crown:

Quest for the crown 2: The Rise of Lord Nonesuch

(Play the Special “shut up and take my money you sir have won the internet” Edition demo Right Now!)

It’s been tough keeping a secret this big. To throw off reporters, we’ve been referring to the game by a code name, “Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.” We even told most of our voice actors and programmers that they were working on a nautical stealth action game from 2013. But now the truth can be revealed!

Who remembers where they were when they first beheld Quest for the Crown? Who remembers their first QFTC-themed costume party or senior prom, at which they pranced to the iconic dance hit “Do the Questwood”? Nearly Everybody. Well, we’ve captured lightning in a bottle once again! We’ve got a game that builds on the original’s thoroughbred AAAAA core and provides these huge upgrades:

  • Stunning state of the art 16k visuals!
  • Infinitely more enemy types! (The original had no enemies)
  • a lush symphonic score not composed by one-time Academy Award Nominee Peter Cetera!
  • A map that’s 10% of the size of the original! (some cuts had to be made)
  • Narrated by one-time Academy Award Nominee Liam Neeson! *
  • Procedural Weather, plant growth, and ecosystem courtesy our revolutionary”Butterfly fX System” (patent pending) which is based on the rate of decay of radioactive isotopes in the computer’s core! *
  • Digitally remastered trumpet sound!

If you remember the original Quest for the Crown, we invite you to return gratefully to the world of LandLandia, which always seemed to you “realer” than your real life. If you never played the original (because you are less than 14 years old), now is the perfect time to start!


*some features not available in the demo**

**or game